We want to prove to you that running a startup or business doesn’t have to be expensive.

Tchuento was founded with the principle that pricing for design and marketing services was just too high in an over-saturated market. We realized that business owners and entrepreneurs, especially those starting out, do not and cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars for services through a design or marketing firm. The whole purpose of our business model is to help you reduce your expenses so that you can focus on what you do best, providing services and products that impact an audience.

This post is not endorsed by Guru. We want to bring you value and are willing to give you free advice on how to develop an awesome website for less than $500.

Guru Freelancer Logo.pngFirst: what is Guru?

Guru is a global online marketplace that houses freelancers who can provide different services. Guru’s freelancers range in skill set and experience. Pricing for Guru depends on the type of project and timeline, and can range from below $100 to as high as hundreds of dollars.

Second: what services do freelancers offer on Guru?

Guru breaks down its services into 9 categories:

Guru - Services.png

Third: designing a website for under $500 on Guru.com

  1. Create a Guru account
    Log-in or create an account at Guru.com
    If new account
    You will be asked whether or not you want to hire (you) or do work (freelancer)
    Select I want to hire
    Once you have an account created, set up your Guru profile
    Guru - Account Creation.png
  2. Verify your account
    A verification email will be sent to your account email, click on the link to verify it
  3. Describe project, post a job
    Once you’ve verified your email, when you log back into Guru, you will be prompted to the job posting
    Input all the information regarding the type of project you’re looking for
    In this case, the project is related to Web, Software & IT
    Follow the prompt

    Input information
    __What work: Be specific for website creation (i.e. WordPress static website)
    __Provide more details: Be very specific in your description of what you want. You also have the option of adding files. If you have an idea on how you want your website to look, include an attachment of your website “design”. Keep in mind, you’re not the developer so your website design can be as basic as you creating tables using Word and laying out how you want your pages to look
    __Which category: Select Web, Software & IT
    __Essential keywords: select keywords that relate to your project (i.e. wordpress, website, web development, web designer)
    __Limit job to specific location: choose what you’re comfortable with, but our recommendation is for you to leave it as anywhere
    __Budget: select fixed price, choose either under $250 or $250-500
    __Exposure: leave as is, maximum (allow search engines like Google to index it)
    __Application deadline: select what you’re comfortable with, it depends on your timeline/how long the freelancer should take to finish building your website
    Post the job

  4. Select a freelancer to complete your website
    Once your job is posted, many freelancers will respond to posting
    They will inform you on their pricing, experience, portfolio, and timeline
    Select a freelancer who matches your targeted credentials:
    ____is the pricing within your range, at or below $500
    ____has the freelancer provided you with previous work done
    ____are you satisfied with freelancer’s portfolio
    ____can the freelancer deliver project within your desired timeline
    ____does the freelancer have good reviews
    Vet each freelancer that contacts you – visit page, read reviews, review portfolio
    You can message freelancers while deciding which one to go with
  5. Accept & Pay Freelancer
    When you select a freelancer and you come to an agreement, pay for project
    Guru requires you to make advanced payments in timeline increments
    EX: if your project is to be completed in 3 weeks – you can set up an invoice with your freelancer so that half of the cost is paid upfront before start of project and the second half is paid 1.5 weeks into project before its completion
    Your payment is always backed by Guru and the site provides payment security
  6. Finish Project
    Communicate and work with your freelancer throughout the duration of project
    Make sure to provide feedback and/or expectations on how you want your website
    Freelancer will finish your website
    __freelancers, when asked, can help you set up domain/hosting for your site
    __freelancers typically maintain open communication after project completion in case you need additional help
    __website developers can only do as good of a job as you describe to them. Don’t expect them to know exactly what you want. You have to guide them so that they can create your ideal website based on your vision
    __be realistic. You most likely won’t get an extremely multi-functional website for under $500. If you want a developer to create a website like Twitter or Facebook, you’ll have to pay more



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