Our Mission

Everyone deserves the opportunity to take control of their online presence

Tchuento is your personal assistant for your online presence. We are a software company that monitors, protects, and manages every aspect of your online data. We help prevent data breaches while monitoring your complete web activity. Our vision is to revolutionize the web industry so that anyone, regardless of their age, race, gender, socioeconomic status, and/or disability is able to take control of their online presence despite a fast-growing tech world.

This is why you’ll enjoy partnering with us 

Perk Explanation
Our prices are affordable We charge reasonable prices
We’re available 7 days a week Our goal is to always maintain positive and fast communication with our users so that you can fully trust and feel secure in our service to you
We treat all users as top priority We value every user and never want you to feel as if we’re slacking in communication or delivery
You get lifetime warranty with us We care about you as an individual, not just a customer. Our goal is to provide resources to you that you will be of value forever
We give back We are passionate about contributing our resources, time, or money to in-need or at-risk communities. If you’re a nonprofit or community agency, never hesitate to contact us