The Art of Never Giving Up


That’s what we’re not.

Our society has turned into one of instant gratification. We’ve become unable to wait because what we want, is apparently, only worthy if it comes fast. The concept of attaining a lifelong goal in years, not months, seems to scare most entrepreneurs. Even though those same entrepreneurs can probably agree that success takes time. Success is not a guaranteed outcome of hard work. Success is a guaranteed outcome of hard work + patience + proper timing + execution + team.

I challenge you to think about just how much your inability to wait, a growing impatience, has affected your ability to truly work towards your goals and dreams. I, Elise Woappi, started this business about a year ago, and it took me more than several months to get the ball rolling before I could confidently say that I was a business owner. What held me back? Not being able to say that I was a successful business owner from the very beginning. It was a fear of having to admit to myself and others that this entrepreneurial journey I embarked on, didn’t reap me rewards instantly. There’s still doubt in people’s minds about my potential to succeed. With the tech bubble and the growth of rapidly funded start-ups, it’s often challenging to operate a small business as I often compare my success to that of my peers. I want you all to know that measuring success should be internalized. You should work to be better than which you were yesterday. It’s okay to compete with peers to grow your strengths and develop stronger skillsets, but it’s not okay to admit defeat simply because someone around your age became a billionaire “overnight”.

Don’t give up. That’s my message to you today. Don’t give up despite the struggle, the overextended work hours, your exhaustion, the naysayers and copycats. Just don’t quit. Be realistic in your expectations and timelines, set concrete goals, act in ways that will advance you closer to your target goals. Surround yourself with motivators. Motivators can be people that will encourage you to keep going, or societies/clubs that you can attend to gather up additional resources. Motivators should always be things or people that can positively influence you towards a better path.