Changing the Web Industry with Artificial Intelligence

We had a vision to make web development easily available, understandable, and usable to everyone in the world regardless of their technology skills or awareness. The world of technology is rapidly expanding, and with that expansion comes a great sense of confusion, uncertainty, and expenditure. But just because technology is expanding fast, it does not mean that people should be left behind – we should all be a part of the progress and we should all feel that we have a say, an understanding, and even some contribution to what’s happening. These past few months, the Tchuento team worked tirelessly as we set out to develop a software that would elevate the discrimination and hurdles individuals face daily while navigating the world of technology.

We thought, what if we could create a software that anyone (and we mean anyone) could use to build their own website, manage their social media accounts, and monitor all of their online activity without needing to do anything but register? We didn’t want to create just another website builder, just another social media marketing tracker, just another google analytics platform. We set out to create THE software – one that would allow people with disabilities, elders struggling with employment due to ageism in the professional sector, and underrepresented populations lacking appropriate resources an opportunity to take back control of their online presence. With Tchuento, you’ll now be able to build and update your website in a matter of seconds by simply clicking on a button. You’ll be able to create, update, link, navigate, and manage all of your social media content without having to log in constantly to manually input your data. You’ll be able to see how frequently you appear in web searches, when/how your data is being shared or distributed, monitor which websites are currently tracking your data, and access any online accounts that you’re currently registered with. Our software is so intelligent that it’ll remind itself to make updates, fix any online errors on your behalf, and send you weekly breakdowns of your online activity, and it will also track your full online activity 24/7.

We know this is a lot to take in and you might be wondering what about your privacy? We’d like you to know that although our A.I. is very intuitive and intelligent, we have a team of diverse experts that will monitor the software constantly to ensure that no implicit bias or confusion impact our platform. You can opt out of any features at your will, cancel your account whenever you want, and we will not sell your data to third parties. Our team and our software will work collaboratively, not one without the other. This is to ensure that human eyes, intuition, and knowledge are still prevalent.

We’re launching in March 2019 and are accepting pre-registered users – why not give us a try? Sign Up HERE or register here.

We’re just changing the world. We hope you join.